Thursday, December 21, 2017

How A Holiday Video Increased Our CTR 157%

This year Vidyard wanted to think outside the “inbox” and deliver our audience a truly memorable holiday message. We knew that inboxes were going to be bombarded with holiday messages and well wishes from vendors, so how were we going to cut through all that noise?

With personalized video of course!


We created a personalized video campaign to wow our audience and show them just how much they mean to us. Our goal was to spread some holiday cheer with a truly unique holiday message. We were sure our personalized video would cut through the noise, and do well, but from the moment we hit send on the email, it exceeded our own expectations.

It’s All About the Message

Our video campaign wasn’t just about metrics (even if they were really impressive) it was about sharing a holiday message with our audience and giving them a gift they could pass along. We wanted to be creative and think outside the “inbox” to reach them with our message. Clearly, our personalized video hit the right chord with our audience because we were flooded with feedback and well wishes in response to this campaign.


Subject: Jingle Bells, Email Smells, Video Saves The Day

Oh boy, that email! We embedded our personalized holiday video within the email and came up with a catchy email subject line. This helped us crush our open rate, which ended up being 35% higher than the industry average. Not only did our open rate kill it, but the CTR (Click Through Rate) ended up being 157% higher than the industry average. We knew that we were on to something with this campaign.

If A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, One Good Video Is Worth…

In a matter of days, we had amassed over 7,000 views on our holiday video, quickly climbing the list to become one of our most viewed videos. It continued exceeding our expectations as the days went on. With an average attention span of over 1 minute (meaning most viewers watched until the very end) we really captured our audience’s attention.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the main components of this holiday campaign was to give our audience the gift of personalized video. We encouraged them to “regift” the video by sending a personalized version to their colleagues/clients and spread their own holiday cheer. We couldn’t believe how many people wanted to share this video. In a few short days over 2,000 people created and shared their own personalized holiday video with a friend, colleague, or client proving that there is no shame in regifting, if it’s a kick ass gift. We even had a few people email us to say ‘thank you’ as this video helped them stand out and get in touch with prospects that had recently gone dark.

Our personalized holiday video exceeded all of our expectations, and truly blew our minds. The engagement, interaction, sharing, and feedback we collected reaffirmed the power of personalized video!

If you haven’t seen our holiday video yet check it out now and hopefully it inspires your own creativity for your next marketing campaign. And don’t forget to share a copy with your colleagues or clients, it just may warm their hearts!

Happy Holidays,

The Vidyard Team!

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